Food problems

One thing that I think will make a huge difference with these specialty cycles (strength, endurance, and so on) is the food. I really need to crack down on my diet and get my paleo halo back on. I’ve been good about 85% of the time, but I know I eat way more than I should. Gluten and sugar are still very rarely consumed, so there’s that. Only dairy I’ll do is Kerrygold butter to cook with, and maybe once every 2 months I’ll get a small container of cottage cheese. When I visit home I might treat myself at a family dinner or something like that, but for the most part, I do okay staying on the bandwagon.

But god, do I overeat.

A typical night’s dinner will include a piece of meat and salad with a protein shake. Then about an hour later, a piece of fruit, a Larabar, a spoon of almond butter, and maybe some trail mix. Then a handful of carrots or a bit of cottage cheese. Basically, I’ll eat until I hate myself. On a continual basis. It’s not like I starve myself during the day in some kind of extended IF or anything. Some days I’ll wait until noon to break the fast, but then it’s usually 2 eggs with protein, and something like a protein source, a fruit, and avocado for lunch. Normal eating. But once the sun goes down, I really have issues. I think having a roommate helps some. On nights where I’m staying alone, I definitely eat worse. I feel like it’s almost leaning into binges sometimes. REALLY not ok with that.

Part of me feels like it is a self-control thing. And it most likely is…just need to flex that muscle a little more often. But on occasions it feels like it is out of my control, which is a really scary feeling.

Eating improperly is probably messing with my performance, let alone my waistline. When I really crack down (like during the Lean Into Spring challenge), I am genuinely happy with how I feel and how I look as I lean out. What the hell is wrong with me so that this can’t be all the time? *grump*

April showers bring May flowers

I’m pretty bad at this “writing frequently” thing.

Thankfully, school has ended for the summer, allowing me some more free time. I hope to be keeping back up with this blog more often than not. April was a ROUGH month. Finals meant 2 major papers to write as well as their accompanying powerpoint presentations (cue public speaking anxiety). But, I managed to pull out straight As this term (not even an A-, whoop whoop!). I realized how much I dislike studying sociology, and I have yet to make a decision on which field of psychology I wish to study after I graduate. Same old, same old. But now it’s summertime – time to relax.

In the gym as of late, I’ve been cutting out 3 days a week of metcons in place of some heavy lifting. The 8-week strength cycle that several members of my gym are also doing as an early prep for next year’s CF Games Open has been sweet so far! I’ll happily take lifting heavy things over running ANY day. As soon as these 8 weeks are over, it’s on to a cycle of endurance work (damn), then Oly lifts (another love of mine), then gymnastic movements, etc. I’m really excited to better my weaknesses. In addition to the strength workouts, I’ve also started a program on my iPhone to help me better my most glaring, obvious weakness: push-ups. Basically a “grease the groove” type of program…do them more, and you get better. Voila. Considering I could only do a set of 4 when I started and I can do a set of 8 after a week and a half, I’ll take it. I’m interested to see what 7 or 8 weeks will do for me. Lord knows I need it.

I’ll be testing some 1 rep maxes soon. Since my last post, I did manage to squat 185# for 1 rep (yay!). The next goal is the obvious 200. Then a 2 plate (225#), etc. I always set lofty goals so that when I reach them, I can celebrate all the more. Once I test my 1 reps, I’ll post them up as progress numbers. I’ve also started an excel file tracking some 1 reps and other PRs in various activities (5k run, 500m row, max box jump, etc). As soon as I figure out how to turn the numbers into a graph, I can post some of those up, too.

New Year, Same Struggle

…in the gym, I mean.

Ever have those days where you just CAN’T get a lift, no matter how many times you try and how sure in your HEAD that you’ve got it? Today, I have.

I recently got a new 3-rep PR of squatting 165# last week. Today I sought to test my new 1-rep max. I figured if I got 165 for THREE, I could surely get 185# for one. Just one! Nope. Try 4 more times? Nope, nope, nope, nope. At this point, I’m having trouble keeping my frustration back. (The gym got to experience my all-too-familiar sailor mouth and I’m beating the living hell out of the punching bag in the next room.) I SHOULD have taken all that emotion and thrown it right back at the bar, but it’s so hard to face the thing that breaks you down like that. Maybe just another sign of the mental toughening I need to still grow into. (I’m only 20, for crying out loud…)
Shark week isn’t helping either. (It never gets easier!)

Anyway, after failing 185# 4 times, I tried 180#, because I was just SO close to getting 185. Fatigue had set in, so I failed that, too.

Thankfully, I got to direct all that frustration and anger toward the sprint-style WOD today, “Jeremy”. 21-15-9 reps of Overhead squat (65#) and burpees. I finished out in 8:47. OHS and endurance both need work, but considering my shoulders weren’t strong enough to finish this one back in May, I’ll take it.

Short rest, then 5 minutes max rep double-unders. I ended up with 152, 10 more than last time I did this a few months ago. With “Lean Into Spring,” I’ll be working this about 3 times a week (along with GHDs) as some extra skill work. Talked with the coach about other endurance-building things I could do to prepare for Garage Games next month, and he suggested some interval repeats of running or rowing, or 2 mins max burpees, for example.

Getting beginning measurements taken on Friday, and LIS starts this weekend. I gotta say, I’m looking forward to leaning out, even though I know it’ll suck, be harder than mini-bulking, and I’ll probably see my lifts drop a little (“Say goodbye to my gainz…”) But, I’m determined to drop enough fat to see abs this time around (and for the first time in my life). Let’s Get It?

Wrapping up 2011

Guys, I forgot I had a blog.

Thankfully, my friend Chris reminded me that I was due for an update…especially with 2011 coming to an end. Here’s my past 6 months, condensed:

  • Got a part-time job selling shoes
  • Made it through fall semester on the Dean’s List
  • Broke a bone in my foot in a ; took 6 weeks off of met-cons to let it heal
  • Got back to met-cons in the dog days of summer, discovered I have some form of asthma or allergies that flared up, dealt with that fun (Hopefully no return next year)
  • Ran my second Tough Mudder in Tampa, FL (DNFed, unfortunately. Twisted my knee on an obstacle around mile 5, called it quits around mile 7 for fear of further injury)
  • Started a Wendler lifting cycle and consequently…
  • Hit some awesome new PRs!


I figure to wrap up the year, I’ll just make a boring list of where my relevant PRs stand, as of today. I’ve been focusing more on getting these numbers up on top of the normal WODs at the gym, as opposed to focusing on speed/endurance in running or rowing. I’m re-testing some 1-rep maxes next week, and I’ll probs update again then.

– Deadlift: 235# for 1 rep

– Back squat: 165# for 3 reps   (bonus video HERE!)

– Front squat: 125# for 3 reps

– Shoulder press: 75# for 1 rep

-Push press: 105# for 3 reps

– Clean: 125# (sloppy) for 1 rep

– Jerk: 120# (split jerk)

– Snatch: 80# for 1 rep

-Overhead squat: 100# for 1 rep

– 5 min max double-unders: 140

– Bench: 80# for 1 rep

I’m also lazy and don’t feel like looking back on my own blog, but I can do several linked-together kipping pull-ups (without assistance bands) now, and can get a few Rx push-ups in, but those are still my weak points. Handstand push-ups still require 2 abmats for a boost. 😦


Come the new year, I’m starting another “Lean Into Spring” 50-day challenge with the gym, which I’ll be taking very seriously. I want to see my abs for once!! With diet kind of falling by the wayside over the holidays, it’s well past time to get back on the bandwagon. I’ll be working more on running, rowing, and jumprope then, as well.


‘Til then, Happy New Year! 2011 has brought me into a new realm of health and the happiness that comes with it. Here’s to hoping 2012 will only continue on in that path.

Those dreaded double-unders

Long time no post….oops. Got busy with summer session starting back up, got a new job, and a new spot as a lab assistant in the psychology department working with rats and the such.


I finally got consistent double-unders down! Last Saturday’s WOD contained them, and Sean, the head coach, decided that I don’t get the liberty of doing single-unders any more. Though I wasn’t as fast as everyone else doing the workout, I still did em! I was able to group them in sets of 10s and 12s, whereas before it was no more than 5 or so.

Kind of like a switch went off, and my brain, hands, and feet finally just GOT it. Thank goodness!

Excited to try max DU’s in 5 minutes soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a few more than 70 this time. 🙂

I did “Karen” for the 2nd time on Monday (150 14# wall-balls for time, 10ft target). Not impressed at all by my time being a good 2.5 mins slower. With the move to the new gym location brings a lot of difficulty getting good air circulation with 100-degree, high-humidity conditions. Huge fans have helped, but not a whole ton when compared to the breathability that the old box got.  I definitely wasn’t the only one in the box with a much slower time on Monday, so that’s a little consolation. I do not like to make excuses, but I almost want to blame the weather. Or maybe the timer was broken 😉 Either way, I really want to do better than 14:38 next time (my wimpy PR).

I took my first ice bath ever on Monday night after “Karen”. THAT was a trip, but I definitely understand why people do them. It really helped, but is it normal to laugh like a maniac the first minute or two in there? Maybe that’s just my body’s response. Oh well.

Progress is getting there, slowly! I am really glad I can do double-unders now. If I could only get pull-ups…

Home Again, Home Again

After a nice week off back home in Naples after finals ended, I’m back in Tally. I was very glad to learn that my mom is currently on a weight loss journey of her own, and is doing really well. Of course, I offered her all my support.

I even made her some Paleo Pancakes.   Of COURSE I’m not trying to convert her…


The break was definitely needed. I hit the beach and got a good healthy dose of Vitamin D in (perhaps a bit too much, oops. Burns hurt.)  It’s funny, when the beach was so close, I hardly went, but lately I’ve found myself craving the sand and surf when it’s a bit of a drive.  Go figure.

Also while in Naples, I visited Crossfit Blaze for the week, on recommendation by a friend. I had an awesome time with them, and Jason Anderson, the owner/head trainer, totally kicked my ass (in a good way!)  As fun as it was to meet other fellow CF-ers, I do miss my usual BlackBox crew. I’ll get to see em tomorrow though, so it’s not a huge void.

I start summer session tomorrow at school. Just one class, Public Speaking (ugh). I also start my new position in the Pharmacology Lab as a DIS student. I’m very excited to be doing science on rats in a white lab coat. Makes me feel important, especially when I’ll be working to find drugs to cure Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, better depression meds, etc. Hooray Neuroscience.

My weigh-in this morning was a bit upsetting, but after some thought, the higher-than-expected number could be from a few different things: not enough water all last week, big BBQ dinner last night, and on a more personal note, I know that the time of the month affects my weight as well.  Admittedly, I was too hard on myself upon first seeing the number; that’s something I need to work on. I’ll try hopping on the scale in a week in hopes of a better read. I had measurements taken several weeks ago, but am still waiting on those to be emailed to me. I’ll post em up when I get them.

Here’s to a good week of clean eating, solid WODs, and good sleep!

(Happy Mother’s Day!)

Oh, P.S.: My new 1-rep max Deadlift is 200#! Woop woop!

Deadlift Queen

This past week wasn’t too out of the ordinary at the box. I feel my performance is improving with the addition of a sweet potato after each metcon. My liver is loving the glycogen restoration. 🙂

One WOD this week was 7 attempts at a 3-rep max deadlift. Last time I did deadlifts for max weight was in February, and my 3rep was 165#. I knew I could blow that away this week, and was hoping for 180#. I walked out of the box with a brand new, shiny 3rep max of 190#! Woohoo! I’d love to hit 200 next time, but we’ll see. My 185# and 190# attempts weren’t in perfect form, but I got it up. I think I’d like to get my form down better before I try and push anything higher than 190.

I ran a 5k with several members of my box yesterday. Tallahassee holds their Palace Saloon 5k every year, hosted by, of course, The Palace Saloon. The catch that makes this event so big is bottomless free beer at the end at the saloon. How’s that for motivation?  I was out late the night before and didn’t sleep well. Of course I would have loved a second PR in the week, but it didn’t happen. The 99% humidity (that eventually turned into a total downpour of rain after the race was over) made it difficult to breathe, but I don’t like making excuses. I finished at 31:46. Next time I run a 5k I’m REALLY hoping to break 30 mins.

Me in the black on the left

I forget if I’ve posted the fact that I’m no longer using a blue assistance band for pull-ups…I’ve stepped up to the red band, which offers less resistance. Just one more step (purple) and then I’ll be doing them unassisted. Can’t wait for that.

Till next time!